FAct Sheet

Developer Studio Kamii & Todak Studios
Publisher Todak Studios
Date of Release Dec 3, 2019 (Early Access)
Estimate Price $14.99
Platform PC
Contact info tgi.cs@todak.com
Website http://togatherisland.com
Language English


ToGather: Island is an open world survival game set in a science-fantasy archipelago. Explore the many islands in the archipelago to gather materials and supplies for your survival. Use your trusty mallet in hand to research surrounding materials and unlock new blueprints for crafting. You are accompanied by a mysterious mechanical golem. The golem starts as a small entity but as you get new materials, you can build and grow your golem to be a reliable and formidable companion. Discover the secrets of your existence and the archipelago while surviving the challenges of the environment. The game can be played in single player mode now and in the future, cooperatively up to 4 players.

game features

  • Explore the area during the day and survive the enemy waves at night
  • Play multiplayer with your friends with up to 4 players either through LAN or online (still in development) li>
  • Build your base to help you survive, and produce better items and food
  • Gather resources and craft better equipments and weapons
  • Explore the land and sea of this beautiful world

Video and Screenshots

company bio

Todak is a provider of innovative and interactive entertainment products marketed under its Todak Studios (game development), Todak Culture (merchandising), Todak Fusion (event management), Todak Gaming (gaming community) and Todak Racing (racing community) brands.

Studio Kamii is a Malaysian-based video game developer. We specialized in video-game production and dedicated to create many high-quality video game intellectual property as we aspire to become the anchor game studio in Malaysia.

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